22 March, 2015

Across the Dead Earth: The Red Claw

The third faction I painted for Across the Dead Earth is The Red Claw.  They are based on the punks commonly seen in post-apocalyptic movies such as The Road Warrior and Doomsday, forever fated to be the bad guys.  

I painted them with brighter colors for both clothing and hair and added a few patterns.  I've used a different painting style than my normal technique for all the AtDE miniatures so far.  I normally use more washes and drybrushing.  For these, I generally painted a darker color first, then a highlight on the raised areas.  I painted them in late 2014.

The names and classes (listed after each name) are from the AtDE background.  This is the last of the 3 factions released as part of the initial Kickstarter.  Miniatures for 2 more factions have been released in 2015 (The Sisters of Acquisition and the Engineers Guild) and you can read about more player-created factions on the game's Facebook page.

All the pictures were taken with my iPad in natural sunlight in my backyard, so there are some shadows but I don't think they obstruct the view.  Some of the colors look washed-out in the pictures, perhaps an effect of the sunlight.  The background in all the pictures are some stone ruin pieces I had handy.  You can click on the pictures for a closer view.

Ronnie (leader) & Fatboy (heavy):  One thing I like about these miniatures is they are not all the same height.  Fatboy is quite a big fellow and carries an RPG.  Further down, Shrimp lives up to her name and is distinctly smaller.

Shrimp (scout) & Topper (assault):

Pyro (none) & Shay-man (medic): Pyro bears a certain resemblance to a member of British band The Prodigy, who had a song in the late 1990s named "Firestarter".  He is appropriately armed with a flamethrower.

The full gang.  Fear The Red Claw!

What next for AtDE?  I am working on some ruined terrain and also bought miniatures for 2 more factions at Cold Wars.  There are also the next 2 factions by Dead Earth Games, so I will be quite busy for the near future.  I also plan on playing more games and running some for others once I have enough terrain finished.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Excellent job! Looking forward to seeing you other factions keep up the good work :)