05 April, 2015

Across the Dead Earth: The Brotherhood

Today's post covers another gang for Across the Dead Earth, The Brotherhood, that I created myself.  It is made up of 'Gas Mask Cultists I', a 5-miniature set from Pulp Figures.  I bought them at Cold Wars in March 2015 and painted them in the same month, which is an unusually quick turnaround for me.  I knew I wanted to paint the masks red, and their robes reminded me of some medieval monks I recently painted for SAGA, so I used a similar color scheme.

The Brotherhood has recently been appearing at pre-war sites across the former UK.  Their motivation and goals are unknown.  What monstrous secret are they hiding under their masks?

The pictures were taken outside with my iPad.  The scenery in the background is a set of large storage tanks which are perfect for AtDE games.  You can view larger pictures by clicking on them.

Thanks for looking!

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