28 June, 2018

28mm Post-Apocalypse Survivors from Hasslefree

A selection of 28mm Post-Apocalypse survivors from Hasslefree Miniatures that I started painting in December 2017 and finished early in 2018..  They have a wide range of modern/P-A models in different styles to choose from and are good quality.  I will use them in my games of Across the Dead Earth, This is Not a Test and 7TV:Apocalypse.  I'd like to try the new Osprey rules Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse too.

Rihanna (l) and Kendra (r).  Rihanna reminded me of Rosita from The Walking Dead so that is how I painted her.  Kendra appears to be ex-military or maybe she looted an Army-Navy surplus store.

Four giant beetles from Reaper's Bones line.  I bought these at Historicon 2017 and I consider anything under a year to be a quick turnaround.  I washed them in the dishwasher, sprayed them black, then gave them several drybrush coats of Army Painter Vampire Red, which resulted in a dark red-brown color.  Mutated to a giant size by radiation, now they are ready to terrorize unsuspecting survivors.

A picture with a human to show the scale.

"What is that noise behind us?" -  Maria (l) and Laurie (r).  Laurie is my favorite of this group for several reasons.  She is armed with a bow, which you don't see enough of in post-apoc miniatures.  I also love the pose and the sculpting is great.

Post-apoc Wolsey (l) and Finn (r).  Wolsey is a post-apoc version of Shaggy from Scooby Doo.  Hasslefree make the whole gang including a not-Scooby.  I don't have the others but might get them the next time I place an order.  Strangely enough, while googling images for my painting research, I learned that DC Comics began publishing a post-apoc comic of Scooby Doo in May 2016; I think these miniatures pre-date that.

This miniature is listed as Kat in the Hasslefree catalog.  It appears to be based on the lead character Selene from the 'Underworld' movies played by Kate Beckinsale.  I thought the first movie was okay, but the later ones were a significant drop in in quality.  Zombies or other human survivors had better watch out for her sword, she looks ready to take some heads off.  If I remember correctly the arms came as separate pieces but were very easy to pin.

The whole gang minus the beetles.  With 4 pistols, a sword, an axe and a bow, they are not heavily armed but make up for it with superior elan.

Historicon is in 2 weeks and I am running 2 games of 7TV, so I'll be back with pictures and a convention report in July.

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