01 June, 2018

28mm Vikings For Sale

I have a painted 28mm Viking army for sale.  It was originally built for use with Saga rules, and is 7 points in that system.  There are a total of 45 miniatures, consisting of:

1 Warlord (free)
3 units of  4 Hirdmen (3 points of Hearthguard)
1 unit of 4 Berserkers (1 point of Berserkers)
2 units of 8 Lesser Hirdmen (2 points of Warriors)
1 unit of 12 Thralls (1 point of Levies with bow)

Most of the miniatures are from Wargames Foundry.  There are 1-2 Hirdmen by Crusader and one Old Glory model in the Lesser Hirdmen.  The bowmen are Old Glory except for 2 which are from Foundry.

The shields are a mixture of Little Big Men Studios transfers and hand-painted.  They have been in storage since I painted them and have never been used.

I am asking for $370 including postage in the continental US.  Other postage depends on the destination.  If you are interested, contact me at miros AT sc DOT rr DOT com.

Click on the pictures for a larger version.

The entire army:

The warlord:

1st unit of Hirdmen:

2nd unit of Hirdmen:

3rd unit of Hirdmen:


 1st unit of Lesser Hirdmen:

 3rd unit of Lesser Hirdmen:

Unit of Thrall bowmen:

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