20 October, 2011

Doctor Who Project - Scientists

Today's post features a group of 4 28mm scientists for my Doctor Who project.  You can never have too many civilians/hostages/cannon fodder.

The miniature on the left is a Black Tree Designs (ex Harlequin) official DW miniature of Professor Kettlewell.  He was the creator of the Robot in the first 4th Doctor story, 'Robot'.  I based his clothing on scenes viewed on my ancient videotape recorded around 25 years ago.

I believe the other 3 miniatures were manufactured by Brigade Games, but I threw the packaging away a long time ago.  I do know I purchased them in a pack from Brigade at Cold Wars 2010.  The one with the blue blouse appears to be leaning to the right in the first photo but it is due to the angle of the shot.

Paints used were a mix of Vallejo, Coat d'Arms, Howard Hues, Ral Partha/Iron Wind and craft paints. The red and blue also have a wash of the original Citadel inks from the 1990s.

Click for a close-up view.  Here is the front:

A rear view.  Lots of white lab coats!

These were fairly quick to paint.  I intend to get some more scientist types as I come across them.  I have my eye on the 3 scientist set by Crooked Dice as they look very nice.

I took pictures of a bunch of terrain and my Sea Devils at the same time as these photos, so they will be the subjects of my next posts.

Thanks for looking!



  1. Yes those 3 on the right are from the Brigade Games WW2 Horror range


  2. Nice painting Jason, I like the chap on the lefts hair!!