24 October, 2011

Even More Terrain!

I have been working on painting all of the resin terrain I own for my Doctor Who project and have almost finished.  I have 2 small pieces that nearly done.  Over the weekend I primed 2 buildings, a van and a TARDIS.  Then I will be finished.  Of course then I will have to buy more!

All of the terrain pieces in this post are from Acheson Creations, purchased at the last few Cold Wars conventions.  They were all washed in a dishwasher to clean off the mold release agent, primed with Krylon Fusion black spray paint, then a coat of black acrylic paint was brushed on.  The ground on all the pieces was painted Vallejo Flat Earth and flocked green. Finally they were sprayed with 2 coats of Krylon Matte Finish to seal them.

All pictures have 1 of the 28mm scientists from my last post to show the scale.  Click on the pictures for close-ups.

First is a group of oil drums pieces.  The one in the middle is slightly different from the other two.  I gave them a drybrush of Howard Hues Middle East Flesh for a rusty look, followed by a very light drybrush of Howard Hues Colonial Khaki and a black wash.  Howard Hues paints are thick and great for drybrushing.  They also last a long time without drying out, I have some that are over 10-15 years old.  I 'borrowed' the color scheme from my friend and fellow gamer Mike Demana. For a lot of great terrain and miniature pictures & tips, see his website at http://home.earthlink.net/~mikedemanagames/

Next are 2 more pieces of oil drums; these have a tarpaulin spread over the drums.  I used the same paint scheme for the drums, while the tarp has several coats of Jo Ann Fabrics craft paint Olive Drab.  I bought that color when I was considering the color scheme for my UNIT troops.  It is thin and doesn't cover very well so this is the first time I've used it.  Both pieces are the same and have opposite sides showing.

Below are 2 pieces of stacked wooden crates.  Both pieces are the same but they are positioned to show opposite sides.  I used 2 drybrushes of Vallejo German Camo Medium Brown, 1 of Howard Hues Colonial Khaki and a final drybrush of Ral Partha/Iron Wind Grey.  They were finished with a black wash and 2 coats of matte spray.  The colors look different, the right-hand piece is much darker.  I painted them at different times so may have done heavier drybrushes on the left-hand one or even left off the black wash.  I suppose it will add a bit more variety to the battlefield.

Next is another version of Acheson's oil drums (on the right) and a set of wooden barrels (on the left). I painted the barrels with the same wood technique as above but left off the final grey drybrush.  The bands are painted with Ral Partha/Iron Wind Steel, one of my all-time favorite colors.

Last are 2 larger pieces, a dead tree and a standing stone.  I originally bought the tree for use in a camp diorama for a 28mm Gallic army.  As the army is still unpainted perhaps it will still be used for that someday!  It is painted with the same wood technique as above.  The standing stone was drybrushed Ceramcoat Charcoal Grey, Ceramcoat Storm Grey and Ral Partha/Iron Wind Grey, followed by the usual black wash.

I will have some free time this week to take pictures, so I may photograph another 15mm army, it's been a while since I've posted one of those.

Thanks for looking!