04 October, 2011

More 28mm Terrain

I have finished some more resin terrain pieces for my Doctor Who project. 

Before I get to the new stuff, I realized after my last post that I neglected to include a figure in the photos to show scale.  So below is a picture with a selection of the boxes from that post, along with a 28mm Artizan figure.

Next are the new pieces I painted last week.  These 3 pieces will form a small graveyard.  They are all from Acheson Creations, purchased at Cold Wars 2010 or 2011.  To prep them and to remove the mold release agent, I washed them in the top rack of the dishwasher (minus the heated drying cycle).  Then I primed them with Krylon Black Fusion spray paint, followed by a thin coat of acrylic black. 

I used a series of 3 drybrushes: Ceramcoat Charcoal Grey, Ceramcoat Storm Grey and finally Ral Partha/Iron Wind Grey.  The exposed brick was painted in Americana Heritage Brick.  The bushes were given a coat of Armory Medium Green and a wash of the original Citadel Green Ink.  Finally I gave them each a coat of black wash, then 2 coats of Krylon Matte Finish spray.

I like how they turned out and will probably get a few more pieces from Acheson to expand the graveyard the next time I see them at a convention.  A 28mm Copplestone figure is included for scale.

Thanks for looking!


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